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The way to receive your gil in FFXIV

Final Fantasy XIV as the most popular MMORPG around the world. It stands to reason that it is in game currency have to be a hot sale product in the gold market online .Many gil suppliers farm gil and sell it to players which is same with us .

Of course ,if you are a new customers in SSEGOLD, you must gonna ask one question :how do it get my gil in game from you after i make an order ?I will show u the ways to get your gil below.

There are three methods to complete the business .You can also choose them in the page when you place the order.

The first deliver method ,we can deliver gil to you through game mail. This method requires that your character should keep online and do not get into dungeons to wait for friend request from our sender ,then we will mail the gil to you .It is the most simple way to find you in game and deliver to you even though you can only get 1 million gil in one letter .

Second method is the market board delivery .You have to put FFXIV items in the market board for the sell price (the gil amount )which amount you purchased from our site . The gil will be in your account after we buy your items out from the market board .But you have to write down your item name ,retainer name ,the city your retainer at . Please make sure that your retainer is at the Limsa city. Pay attention that you will get 5% FFXIV Gil less of your order. Please notice that do not put up item(s) in the Ishgard City MB because it will be premium for our accounts.

The third method is through FC chest .This delivery method suit for large amount order ,such as over 100Million gil .In this case , it requires that you should be a Free company master by which you have the right to invite us to join in your FC to deposit the gil into it then you withdraw gil out .This way is really fast and convenience .

Once you get more questions about the delivery methods ,feel free to contact us via live chat !