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The things you may not know about Top Set (now ilvl 340 )Gears in FFXIV

As one of the most popular and famous MMORPG in the world, FFXIV has its unique item system. There are different gears for different classes. But the item level are the same. The newest item level is 340 gears and item level 350 weapons.

 The Top Set of item Level 340 Gears are born with the 4.0 patch Stormblood. The sets include all armors and weapons. It can be gotten from the Deltascape (savage) v1.0-v4.0 . This is a new grade of difficulty of the Deltascape, a team raid. Players have a chance to get the ilvl 340 gear after finishing one Deltascape (savage) v1.0-v4.0 run.

 FFXIV Level 340 Gears

You can know more details from the following table.

Top Set of item Level 340 Gears

Though there’s no limit on how many times you can run these raids now, it still seems like too complex and takes an endless time to get a full set of ilvl340. That is understandable, after all it is the top set gears in the game at the moment. But ssegold.com has launched new project of the powerleveling. Yes, it is the Top Set of item Level 340 Gears. Welcome to consult us from our website.