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The Rising Password for Cheap Dungeon in FFXIV

"The Rising" is an annual event that comes immediately after the Moonfire Faire. It's a bit of a made-up holiday that's part lore, and part "thank you for giving our game a second chance".That's about as specific as there's any reason to be, I should think. Hope you enjoy the event.
ffxiv cheap dungeon password
Here's how to solve
The "Cheap Dungeon" is a pun based on "Deep Dungeon". You'll get access to it shortly after starting the quest "A Reoccurring Bug" in Ul'dah (Steps of Nald). It's a level 15 quest if I'm not mistaken. and make your way to Western Thanalan to search for the Wandering Minstrel at Nophica's Wells. You'll go through some dialogue once you find him, where the minstrel explains the trouble caused by some magic bugs, before gaining access to the dungeon itself.

Find the locations of the numbers
The Cheap Dungeon is a throwback to old-school dungeon crawlers, where you navigate a labyrinthine series of corridors in first person. As you do so, you'll be treated to an 8-bit soundtrack playing and—depending on your background—some nostalgia-inspiring retro graphics. Your goal here is to unscramble a series of letters to find the right password to complete the dungeon and get rid of the "bug."

Take a picture or memorise the locations
The numbers on the first floor correspond with the order of letters on the second floor, and you unscramble the letters based on that to get the password. You get a map that fills itself in as you explore and will record the location of the numbers and letters, but it wouldn't hurt to have a pencil and paper handy to jot them down and save yourself from going back and forth to check the map.Go to the second level, and find the location of the letters.

Overlay the locations of the numbers with the location of the letters. Find the word by using the numbers as the order in which to use the letters.
Words;Chocobo, Crystal, Fantasy, Bahamut.

After going back to Ul'dah and finishing the quest, along with seeing an additional scene, you'll receive your reward: a Stormblood Orchestration Roll, a Wind-up Lyse, and a Wind-up Gosetsu. You also get unlimited access to the Cheap Dungeon and can get back to it by visiting an inn, if you wish.You may need to have enough to buy him ffxiv gil. After ffxiv gil game will become a major game platform.