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The new MOD of the elder scrolls appeared

The new MOD of the elder scrolls

As you all know, MOD is a great feature of elder scroll games. There are many different MOD in the elder scrolls, and there is some MOD that player’s must installed, these mod probably include: 1. the technology must be installed mod, such as the prerequisite for the installation of other mod or bug, the important content of the 2. amendment: immersive/lore-friendly, basically all kinds of game player can benefit from. 


Among them, the very famous MOD, which everyone is very familiar with, is Enderal, it won the Game Awards 2016 best player production award. It is the largest in the history of the game RPG mod, it is actually a completely independent use of the Elder Scrolls games 5 platform, it is one of the world, the story is completely, to do a comprehensive optimization based on various aspects of the game in the Elder Scrolls 5, the main plot is very deep and impact, and it free mod!


Now, the elder scrolls have a brand new MOD, called CIF-CK, developed on the basis of the Comme il-Faut AI model. According to the player's words, the characters in the elder scrolls game are not very smart, so it is difficult to interact with the players. And this newly developed Mod will allow NPC in the Elder Scrolls 5 to have a richer experience of behavior. Make NPC social active. NPC will make changes in behavior according to their feelings. For example, they will pursue their favorite people, attack the people they hate, make friends with strangers, and so on. And players can do the same thing to NPC in the game, just like real interaction.