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The latest patch 5.01 for Shadowbringers

An latest patch for Final Fantasy XIV will be now be available, patching Shadowbringers to version 5.01. 5.01 includes your typical tweaks and fixes as well as yet another wad of game content to play through, extending the Shadowbringers storyline with even more main quests.

patch 5.01 for Shadowbringers

We all know that Heavensward (3.0) was considered to be the best expansion until Shadowbringer (5.0) released, while Stormblood (4.0) has generally been well received, but it's not seen as good as 3.0. 

Be sure to complete the Crystal Tower raids (Lv.50 side content) before jumping into 5.0. Crystal Tower is technically optional, but having completed that storyline adds a few story elements that makes various moments in 5.0 even better.

Since now patch 5.01 is available, 6 new Chronicles of a New Era quests have been added. The first two are named and come with specific requirements The final four are unnamed, but will be accessible if the conditions of the first two quests are met.

In the Middle of Nowhere (Requirements)
Players must first complete the final main scenario quest of Shadowbringers
Disciple of War or Magic level 80
The Crystarium (X:9.7 Y:12.3)
Anxious Crystarium Guard
Deploy the Core (Requirements)
League Of Legends Players Sets
Two World Records After 30-Hour Game Marathon

Disciple of War or Magic level 80
The Empty (X:6.1 Y:5.7)
Players must first complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest "In the Middle of Nowhere."

It’s worth noting that instead of getting gear from the treasure coffers upon completing Eden’s Gate, you’ll get tokens that can be exchanged for items of your choice. Tokens are limited and you’ll only be able to one per week, the count refreshing every Tuesday.

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