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The information on Final Fantasy XIV

08/24/2010 上午

Player Characters

Artworks of the races and various jobs illustrated by Akihiko Yoshida.

The production team has stated that the game is not related to Final Fantasy XI storywise, but the trailer and official artwork show five playable races resembling those from Final Fantasy XI.

Each race has a new name and their appearance have been slightly altered; additionally, each are also divided into two clans. The Lalafell are very similar to the Tarutaru, but they have smaller noses and dark tips on their ears. The Roegadyn resemble the Galka, and they have no tails. The Miqo'te are similar to Mithra. The Hume are named Hyur, while Elvaan are referred to as the Elezen.[2]

When player creates a character, aside from choosing the race and gender, they are now able to customize the appearance of their character, including head, skin color, hair type, hair color and eye color.


Final Fantasy XIV will be an MMORPG similar to Final Fantasy XI, but the game will feature no Experience point or level system, and will feature a new system of growth that will give players more freedom in choosing quests. Final Fantasy XIV focuses on character growth, and will expand upon the Job system used in Final Fantasy XI, and will feature a more involved story and more complex and varied quests. The game is intended to appeal to players who play on their own and so do not form large parties, but the option to play cooperatively with others will still be present. The game will not include a voice chat option, and is limited to text chat only.

Armoury System

In the game there are four base disciplines, which each divide into several classes. Each class has its own weapon type, and changing classes is as simple as changing weapons, which is referred to as the Armoury System.[1]

Disciples of War:

  • Archer (bows)
  • Gladiator (one- and two-handed swords and shields)
  • Lancer (spears and lances)
  • Marauder (two-handed axes)
  • Pugilist (claws and metal knuckles)

Disciples of Magic:

  • Conjurer (wands and radicals)
  • Thaumaturge (scepters and staves)

Disciples of Land:

  • Fisher (fishing rods)
  • Botanist (hatchets)
  • Miner (pickaxes)

Disciples of Hand:

  • Alchemist (alembics)
  • Armorer (raising hammers)
  • Blacksmith (cross-pein hammers)
  • Carpenter (handsaws)
  • Culinarian (skillets)
  • Goldsmith (chaser hammers)
  • Leatherworker (headknives)
  • Weaver (needles)


During the game, the player character must join a guild in order to receive Guildleves, decorative cards which each hold a quest for the character to complete. The quests can include anything from hunting a specific monster to item collection or even negotiation with the enemies. The Guildleves can be completed alone or with a party of other players, with everyone being able to reap the benefits of the quest. The players can also multi-task on several leves at the same time.[1]


In the game, the player characters can move quickly from place to place by using Aetherytes, large shards of crystallized aether that are fused with ancient machinery. These crystals act as teleporters, but using them too much has negative effects.[3][4]


Originally codenamed Rapture, it was first mentioned in August 2005, although few details were revealed between that date and 2009 apart from a concept video (now outdated), various statements concerning the platforms of the game (the Xbox 360 was considered at one point), and the fact that it was developed with the Crystal Tools engine. Hiromichi Tanaka recently stated that there are no plans for an Xbox 360 version at this time. However, he did say that Square is still talking with Microsoft.

Final Fantasy XIV will be directed by Nobuaki Komoto with art design done by Akihiko Yoshida. Music will be done by a returning Nobuo Uematsu, this being the first full musical score he has composed for a Final Fantasy game since Final Fantasy IX, having worked with other artists on all titles since, and then having left Square Enix altogether in 2003 to work as a freelance artist.


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