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The Greatest Story Never Told FFXIV

The realm of Eorzea is filled with countless mysteries, but there is only one which Valiant Hart wishes to solve. The Greatest Story Never Told is First quest in the Winebaud's Riddles questline.

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Objectivesicon.png Objectives

Solve the explorer's riddle.
Checking the Windbaud's Message point of interest will reveal a series of scrambled letters above the following message:
The wheel must turn anew.
This series of elements is important to deciphering the scrambled text.
Talk to Valiant Hart and he directs you to Yayaroku.
Talk to Yayaroku located in Ul'dah in the Thaumaturge's Guild.
Yayaroku tells you that the elements are from Essences and Permutations but the sequence is wrong; it should be LIGHTNING / FIRE / EARTH / ICE / WATER / WIND.
By rearranging the tokens in this order, you get the unscrambled name of a map waypoint.

Solve the explorer's riddle.
Checking Windbaud's Message again gives you your next clue.
You will get one of three riddles to solve, either "Memenugu knows the steps." (for letters), or "Jahelle knows her sums" (for numbers), or "Isouda knows the truth" (another riddle).

Solve the explorer's riddle.
Check Winebaud's Message again. This gives you a phrase with some letters capitalized.
“The members of the Marauders' Guild understand the importance of etiquette.”
You will find a ??? point of interest in the Marauders' Guild in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks. This gives you your next clue.
A treatise on cultivating interpersonal relationships and influencing others catches your eye. You open it to the bookmarked page and take note of an underlined passage:
A deliberate display of emotion, as befits the situation, can be effective in deepening your relationships with others.

Solve the explorer's riddle.
You will be given the following phrase.
If SWORD+SWORD=DAGGER, then return to me with X of X. The master of the markets has my list.
"X" are replaced with 2 variable letters, see below.
You will now need to travel to your home nation and talk to one of these NPC's to find out the list.