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The fastest way to get GARO crossover mounts

Together with FFXIV Patch 3.5 comes the GARO crossover event, you will be able to get new PVP gears and mounts--those fabulous flying horses.

I suppose everyone wants that mount. But the way to get one?

There are 3 kinds of horses: Silver, Gold, and Black/ Brown tattered.

First step is the same for all of them:

1. Purchase a matching class set (Weapon + Head, Chest, Gloves, Pants, Shoes) from the Disreputable Priest in the Wolves' Den.

2. Equip the aforementioned armor, speak to the priest and request a title.

3. With the title displayed, complete the respective achievement.

Gold = 30 4v4 or 8v8 victories

Silver = 10 Frontline victories

Black/ Brown = 60 victories (any combination of the two types)


For some of you, it might be a little difficult to get the gold one, but frontline victories is not that hard. So good luck.