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The Elder Scrolls Online Update 15

ESO update 15

The Elder Scrolls online based version improves, it realizes the battle making prompt update, the alliance and the production of instruments sharing more guild privileges, invite guild history, and it choose to cancel the research characteristic, and a simple method to improve the equipment items. It is called the Elder Scrolls Online Update 15. It also need ESO gold.

The elder scrolls update 15 settings menu extends a new option called combat tooltip. To use this feature, the player must first open the settings main menu, navigate to the submenu of the game, and then select the combat options. For those who identify certain colors in the game game player, this setting will be particularly useful, but anyone can edit and customize as they see fit battle clues, including friendly and enemy index of color and brightness. Combat prompts can be switched and closed. Players can use it to personalize the colors associated with battle cues. This is a handy addition because the default option is not the best for all players.

You no longer have to be naked to improve equipment. With elder scrolls update 15, you will now be able to improve any of the current and current projects for any of the current devices, and will find the items you are equipped with in the improvement project menu. If you're on PC, the items you're equipped with will display a tick number on the "improvements" menu, and if they are on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, they will be in the "equipment" section of the project type.

In the elder scrolls update 15, bank storage expanded its function. Union points and warrant credentials can now be placed in the bank so that other characters on the same account can access them. Alliances and instruments are placed on a bank that can be exchanged from bank deposits to currency options. Withdrawal of currency options allows players to obtain alliances or writs from another role on the same account.