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The elder scrolls 5 launched the survival model

About the elder scrolls 5 and the dead is not powerful enough, recently, Bethesda Softworks announced a latest news about the Elder Scrolls: the Elder Scrolls 5 will join a survival mode, game player will experience more real difficulty in this free world, hunger, cold and fatigue, which will become the for the dragonborn test.

Here's a new climate map of the sky Province, blue for the cold zone, red for the warm zone, and some cold places and campfires are also marked on the map.

the elder scrolls 5
Later, when you play in the elder scrolls 5, your senses will also be part of the game, after all, although you are a dragon, but also a human. In the survival mode, the role becomes hungry over time, which affects overall endurance and the use of weapons. Eating food can relieve hunger, and when you eat enough, you get bonus attributes.

Some changes also are: you will make a desperate rush into the role of a tired state, your mana pool will drop, you need to go to bed on the bed to recover; fast travel is disabled; you can prop load is greatly reduced; the altar is no longer free to use, need to pay.