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The class of the elder scrolls game

The class of the elder scrolls game

Once you have entered the world of the elder scrolls, you will be attracted to the content. One of the most interesting things in the game is the course. The courses in the elder scrolls set are not rigorous, and each course can be carried out according to your personal wishes. Each class can wear any armor and weapons. Skills can also be mastered according to your wishes.

Every time you upgrade, you receive points to increase your main statistics: health, magic, or stamina. An additional value is added at each point per level. So you'll encounter different skills, abilities, and statistics for different players. Each class has a unique special skill - the limit. The final skills can be placed in sixth slots and charged with excellent combat. The ultimate spell is very powerful.
Skills and spells can be used by hotbar. It has 6 slots - 5 normal abilities, one for the final. But that doesn't mean the characters have only 6 spells. No, there are a lot of skills available that you can combine on a case by case basis. Parts and consumables also have a slot, so parts are also important.

The battles in ESO SET are similar to the previous elder scrolls games. If you've played Morrowind or Oblivion, you know how it works. There are light attacks, heavy attacks and blocks. These actions require a manual swimming pool. Magic requires mana. You must aim at your enemy.

PvP battles are great, including accessible, damaging walls and towers, siege weapons, etc.. So, not only to clean castles or towers. You must keep in mind that other alliances may attack in a matter of minutes, and you must protect the territory. There's your favorite guild on the elder scrolls. Two warriors guild and mage Association will be available after the release, but the underworld and thief guild will be added after the release. Making is a very important part of the game. Materials can be found everywhere - on the chest, shelves, etc.