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The Agency and PlanetSide Sequel Coming Later This Year

It seems that SOE doesn't want to take a break although DC Universe Online has been released in this month. In a recent talk with Eurogamer, SOE's president John Smeldey tells their new projects, code name PlanetSide Next and The Agency, will meet gamers in the first half and the second half of 2011 respectively.

PlanetSide Next, is obviously the sequel to PlanetSide, a MMOFPS that's released in 2003. The game is expected to release at late first-quarter, early second-quarter of this year and will have a beta test before release. Currently PlanetSide is still available to players of Europe and North America, despite of the server merges in recent years.

Compared to PlanetSide Next, you will be more familiar with The Agency. The Unreal Engine 3 MMO shooter allows you to switch between first person and third person views. Although it's a skill-based MMO, it retains most of the exciting elements that you will find in a pure shooting game. Take a look at the gameplay trailer below.