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The 15 Coolest Things In Final Fantasy XV Part 2

With the FFXV coming, many players worry this game may be disappointing. Here, we are pleased to report this in case. After a few hands-on sessions with the game, we have complied my favorite 15 things about Final Fantasy XV. This is the second part of these 15 coolest things.

The choice you have in dialogue only seem to work on a superficial level. This isn’t mass effect. Life is strange. Still, you can influence you get experience and how during some interactions. You could be sarcastic to some more maybe he said something like careful now or something equally as smarmy and you play safe. If you take his advice, sickness will get a little XP boost after the interaction. It is a thoughtful way of turning character relationships into a viable gameplay mechanic. Even if it’s only a small one. This one takes a bit of explain magic and final fantasy 15 is called element C. And you get magic from enemy drops or notes on the map.

Think draw points in FFVIII, these can be used to craft magic. You get three elemental slots: Thunder lizard and fire and the more image of each type you commit to one magic flask, the more powerful spell will be. But then you can add anything from the inventory to the flask and modify the effect, too. So till do Matt damage but you could also give the spell quad cast if you wanted or he will cast. For example, it is your harvest from kills healing items and other tools in the infantry all affect magic differently. So you are rewarded for experimenting.

When you’ve crafted your spell, you have to equip it from one of your four weapon slots. So dumb down combo somewhat. But it is a worthy trade off like in the Platinum demo, you will then be able to help out your enemies. But be careful! Magic can do friendly fire damage, too. So you will have to take time and aim if you don’t want to give prompt witness or Gladio some nasty burns. We managed to make the dog a pretty early into our demo and we thought we were so clever until we ended up killing holding back to them cop.

We have been wondering about this the weeks before we play the game. But we are happy to confirm you can change the outfits of each character basically whenever you want. So far, we only had the Royal Guard outfits, the default ones and some casual wear. But there are slots in the menu for more. The clothes also get dirty in combat if you get thrown all around the place. So they seem to react dynamically with the environment as well. It is all about the little details in this game that really make a smile.

Square Enix has managed to get music from every game that can be played through the cars radio. Actually, you’ve got a pretty small collection of songs. You can cycle through, but this grows as you find CDs and shops around the world. We made a beeline for Final Fantasy HDD and drove to the first dungeon listening to find your way. It gave us goose bumps. It’s unclear whether we’ll get every track from every game, but you can buy multiple CD per title. So at least you will get the hits as it were just like in previous Final Fantasy.

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