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TERA(KR) To Start Commercial Service on Jan. 25 with the Level Cap Raised to 50

NHN, who was supposed to announce the commercial schedule for TERA yesterday, didn't reveal it until today. At 11:00am (South Korean Time), NHN announced through its official website that TERA, the most popular MMORPG in South Korea, would go into commercial service officially and require subscriptions from January 25th.

The specific subscription fees are almost the same as those disclosed on various Korean sites. That is, the 3-hour subscription is 3,000 won, the 30-hour one 15,000 won, the monthly one 19,800 won and the quarterly one 47,500 won.

According to the commercial schedule, TERA will put an end to its OBT and shut down all servers at 12:00am, January 24th, for the sake of 24-hour maintenance and updating on January 24th. The game is set to open its servers again and offer commercial service at 10:00am, January 25th.

In TERA's new version, the level cap will be raised to 50 (Level 38 at present), and 15 fields on the southern continent and 2 brand new top-level instances will also be released. Furthermore, the battles for territories will be made available, which can support 5 vs. 5 and 10 vs. 10 PKs.

Additionally, NHN is holding a promotional activity for TERA. The monthly subscription can be purchased at the price of 15,500 won. Although the quarterly subscription isn't sold at a discount, it gives away an out-of-print mount.