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Talisman Online: Reborn of TO, Cheer for Fellowship

In the whole month of December, after rounds of exhausting preparation and testing works, this long-anticipated new version has succeeded in showing her debut, followed by the Christmas patch two weeks later.

The combination of the two amazing versions marks a reborn of Talisman Online. So many new things and fresh adventures make players immersed! It witnesses the rapid and promising growth of this game.

Mystic Islands in East Continent

With the level cap raised to 75, three new islands in East Continent are open! In these vast islands, fresh storyline and a variety of characteristic quests pave the way for the new unveiled chapters of this game.

Moreover, fresh funny transportations are provided in these maps! Players can ride a hawk to enjoy exciting flying, or riding on a sea turtle to shuttle under sea! Simply talk to the flying administrator, he will summon a suitable mount for you and transport you to another island!

Have you ever seen your characters swimming or diving? Yes, underwater movement is another highlight and transportation between these islands! Besides, a cute Little Dolphin is offered in a quest for players to ride underwater exclusively.

Apart from the major new released big maps and quests. New systems are also amazing! They bring new gameplay but still remain the in-game balance. Let’s list some of them:

New Amazing Systems

  • Gem Inlay & Refinery: apart from combination gems and magicstones, now players have another choice to strengthen their characters. A brand-new Inlay & Refinery system is presented in this version!

Different from the other types of current gems, the Inlay Gems are particularly used to enhance your character’s elemental damagers or resistance. To inlay the gem on your weapon or defense gear, players need to create a hole on the target equipment first.

  • Quest Commitment: you are not expected to miss this new setting if you want to save time from the daily guild quests but still keep your guild growing and accumulating your guild contribution.  In this new system, you are able to commit your guild quests and some designated quests to others! You pay the money, others do quests for you!  A win-win tactic!


New Special Daily Quests

  • Daily Mutual Quests: a set of quests for the benefits of all players! The low-level players summon the Soul of BOSS and the players of the higher level to defeat the soul. Both parties can finish their respective mutual quests. This system makes the competitive Scenario explorations more and more exciting!

  • Daily Courage Merchant: go to finish daily courage quests and collect the glorious badges to show your encouragement! The quest bonus includes new mount Purple Charming Sword, large Ruby and Large Emerald!

The contents above are the brief introductions about some new things released in new version. More funs and appealing gameplay to be found in the game itself!


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