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SWTOR Companions Guide: best companions of Star Wars The Old Republic

As an MMORPG in 2020, SWTOR still has much value in it. Whether coming back to it or picking it up as a new player, the game has tons of content to enjoy and the visuals to back it up. 

Throughout your adventures in SWTOR, what you need is not only a lot of SWTOR credits but also face-to-face communication with characters. When you take on the toughest challenges in the galaxy, a few of these characters will stand by you for a wide range of reasons, be it adventure, glory, or something more personal, and will swear themselves to help you save or conquer the galaxy, we called them SWTOR companions. There are two main types of Companions: Contacts and Followers. Followers can be summoned and are capable of fighting and crafting for you, while contacts are NPCs that cannot be summoned. 

As we all know, not all companions are equal, they can act in any role you needed them to be (tank, DPS, healer), it all comes down to personality. While some are certainly interesting, there are those companions who simply stand head and shoulders above the rest. 

There's something important you should know before we talk about the best companions: the Influence of SWTOR Companion.

Each class has a unique set of companions. On your ship, in rest areas and during story progression, you can speak with companions to gain their trust and to build influence. By doing so, your companion will become more receptive while talking to you, and you will be able to learn more from them. With influence, the strength of companions also rises, and since they can be counted as group members, you might be able to complete group missions on your own with companions at a high level. On top of that, leveling companions is essential because, at high levels, they can craft better gear and gather more expensive materials while they are at scavenging missions. There are various ways of leveling companions like special missions, gifts, and conversation - all of them are effective and should be done to increase their influence.

With the higher influence your companion will finish crew missions faster, have a higher chance of Critical Success on missions, and higher stats. After knowing all this, you can make good use of it in the game.

So let's go back to the topic, what are the best SWTOR companions? 

1. Jedi Knight

T7-O1: Teeseven is an astromech droid that serves the purpose of being a ranged tank. Its main attributes are Aim and Endurance. This droid served during all major galactic conflicts, and even though it's an old machine, it is irreplaceable. From the appearance, it looks very familiar to the famous R2-D2.

Best Companion for Jedi Knight: Kira Carsen

A troublemaking human female Jedi Padawan who is placed under your care following your ascension to Jedi Knight

As your Padawan early on, you¡¯ll never get enough of her quippy one-liners and a rather spunky attitude for a Jedi

Thoroughly fleshed out backstory that involves the Jedi, the Sith, and even ties in other class stories

Amazing voice acting done by the lovely Laura Bailey of Critical Role fame

One of the best romances of any companions filled with harrowing odds, secrets, and love blossoming across the stars

Second Best Companion for Jedi Knight: Scourge

A traitorous (or is he?) male pure-blood Sith acting as the Emperor¡¯s Hand who releases the knight from the Emperor¡¯s control

Fascinating backstory filled with intrigue and higher purposes than originally meets the eye

Stocky, tall, and foreboding in build, Scourge stands literally head and shoulders above any of your other companions

Other companions: Archiban Frodrick Kimble, Fideltin Rusk.

2. Trooper

Aric Jorgan: Aric is the representative of a Cathar race. He is introduced during Trooper Storyline on Ord Mantell, and he becomes a companion during ongoing missions at that place. His primary role is ranged DPS, which is bolstered by his main statistic - Aim.

Best Companion for Trooper: Elara Dorne

A human female Republic medic

One of the Trooper’s middle companions picked up on Taris, Elara quickly becomes one of the most useful companions 

A defector herself from the Empire, Elara adds some complexity to the themes of honor 

A loyal companion with a hilariously bureaucratic relationship option add so levity and playfulness to her dialogue

For righteous-minded Troopers, Elara Dorne provides a great 

companion to keep the Trooper on the right side of the law even in the midst of intergalactic war

Second Best Companion for Trooper: M1-4X:

A male designated Prototype M1-4X Advanced War Droid

Peppy in programming and overly patriotic, M1-4X is a joy to bring along throughout the campaign

Hilarious dialogue akin to the Liberty Prime from the Fallout series, 4X will keep you in stitches as he continually praises the Republic, liberty, and freedom

Other companions: Tanno Vik, Yuun.

3. Smuggler

Corso Riggs: He is the first companion for the Smuggler class, but also the second person that can be met during Smuggler's gameplay. As they both are being betrayed by the same person, they join their forces and become each other's companions. His stats are Aim and Endurance, and he is capable of performing all roles from a ranged distance.

Best Companion for Smuggler: Risha Drayen

A female human smuggler, thief, and royal queen

An early companion for the Smuggler, she hides a deep backstory and pleasantly deep character

The perfect Leia counterpart for your smuggler - bouncing witty and charming dialogue back and forth with your character

For male player characters, a sweet and earnest romance option to provide that classic scoundrel/princess romance

Second Best Companion for Smuggler: Languss “Guss” Tuno

A male Mon Calamari failed Jedi Padawan

Guss is a hilarious character, charming and full of vices, he is unique in the world of Jedi and Star Wars in general

Dialogue and quirk is the main reason he stands out from the other Smuggler companions

Other companions: Bowdaar,  Akaavi Spar.

4. Sith Warrior 

Vette: Member of a Twi'lek race that was born on Ryloth during the war. During her life, she has been an assassin, thief, and an escape artist. By meeting her during the main storyline, Sith Warriors can build her trust and recruit her as a companion. She is a ranged DPS that cannot perform other roles than this one.

Best Companion for Sith Warrior: Vette

A female Twi’lek thief, assassin, and gunslinging escape artist

Starting off as your shock-collar wearing slave, you can shape your relationship with Vette early on depending on your mercy or cruelty Happy-go-lucky and quirky dialogue

Romance option can be complicated and complex as the former slave comes to love the master

Perfect for bringing even the darkest Sith into line and maybe discover some softer aspects of themselves

Second Best Companion for Sith Warrior: Jaesa Willsaa

A young human female Jedi Padawan, Jaesa is brought into your story as the objective in your early mission for Darth Baras

Introduced to you as you kill her Master, Jaesa’s relationship is one made for Dark side players as you slowly corrupt her and destroy her belief in the Jedi teachings

An interesting romantic option that quickly descends in wild passion between a Sith Apprentice and her Master

A worthy companion to bring the galaxy beneath your boot and fulfill all of your Dark side power fantasies

Other companions: Malavai Quinn, Lieutenant Pierce, Broonmark.

5. Sith Inquisitor

Khem Val: Khem is a massive 8 feet tall humanoid with grey skin, cybernetic implants, and muscular body. He is a member of Dashade race - force resistant warriors who love to fight and have unusual anger towards all Jedi. During the gameplay, Khem joins forces with Sith Inquisitor even though he does not agree to serve him. He can become Melee Tank or Melee DPS.

Best Companion for Sith Inquisitor: Khem Val

An ancient male Dashade warrior

The Inquisitor’s first companion, Khem is one of the best companions in-game overall

A backstory full of history and intrigue puts him at odds with you as his new master; he constantly makes quips about your strength, power, and authority over him

Once he is partially possessed by Darth Zash, hilarity ensues with a Gollum/Smeagol style struggle for control with only the player able to pick the side that prevails

A former warrior for an ancient Sith Lord, Khem is perfect for Dark side players who aim to acquire all knowledge to triumph over their enemies

Second Best Companion for Sith Inquisitor: Xalek

A male Kaleesh Sith apprentice filled with hate and vengeance

The last companion for the Inquisitor, Xalekis an interesting 

retrospective on the Inquisitor’s journey as a whole; he too is a slave forced into Sith training just as you were

You can choose to temper his rage (why though?) or feed his anger and thirst for vengeance to craft the perfect Sith assassin

Evil, angry, and always willing to serve with a hint of possible betrayal always laced within his dialogue make him a joy to converse with

Other companions: Andronikos Revel, Azhara Zavros, Talos Drellik.

6. Bounty Hunter 

Mako: She is the bounty hunter of Nar Shaddaa, which can also become Bounty Hunter's companion. Mako is exceptionally skilled in cybernetics as she has learned all programming languages early in her life. As an ally, she can mend wounds, and therefore, she is considered to be a healer.

Best Companion for Bounty Hunter: Mako

A female cyborg slicer and bounty hunter

Your first companion as a bounty hunter, Mako is already a part of your crew from the beginning, making her feel like a natural companion throughout

Witty, hilarious, and practical, Mako is well-written and really helps ground the entire bounty hunter storyline

With a mind for cybernetics and logic, Mako plays well for players who can tread on both sides of the moral line

A genuinely heartfelt relationship option  

An excellent backstory that only props up Mako as a unique and strong character

Second Best Companion for Bounty Hunter: Torian Cadera

A male human Mandalorian bounty hunter

An honorable warrior spirit to play alongside your bounty hunter

Perfect for those players looking to play the honorable hunter and warrior

Relationship options for female characters provide a storyline for two warriors on their own against the galaxy

Other companions: Gault, Blizz, Skadge.

7. Imperial Agent

Kaliyo: Even though Kaliyo's personal history, for the most part, remains a mystery, we can tell about her that she was an assassin that killed hundreds of targets, which got her into the prison. She loves to use her charm, which has led her often to secret information. During the main storyline, she joins forces with Imperial Agent and plays the DPS role in the group.

Best Companion for Imperial Agent: Dr. Eckard Lokin

A human/Rakghoul hybrid Imperial doctor

A mid-level companion, you’ll stick with him for the rest of your playthrough as a loyal “bro-like” companion

Mysterious backstory and pragmatic character are perfect for those playing a cold and professional Imperial Agent

No romance option which means he’s a perfect platonic partner for any kind of player

Literally, a mad scientist who can transform into a Force monster, what’s not to love?

Second Best Companion for Imperial Agent: SCORPIO

A female programmed droid of mysterious origins and the final Agent companion

Cold, calculating, and mysterious SCORPIO fits in nicely with the overall theme of the Agent storyline

Her constant self-improvement programming makes her background all the more mysterious and makes interactions and conversations with her tense, almost like spy versus spy

Some decent payoff with her origin in later expansions

Other companions: Vector, Ensign Temple.

8. Jedi Consular

Qyzen Fess: This reptile humanoid is, in fact, a Trandoshan introduced to Jedi Consular during first missions. After being rescued by the main protagonist, he pledges his life-long allegiance to the player's character.

Best Companion for Jedi Consular: Nadia Grell

A female Sarkhai Force-sensitive and future Jedi Padawan

Introduced part way through your journey, Nadia is new to the galaxy and space-faring adventures

Her upbeat attitude and constant positive energy is a perfect 

companion and Padawan to the knowledge-seeking Jedi Consular; wonderful teacher-student motif 

Romance option is pure-hearted and sweet, far from the complicated stories of more scandalous romances amongst other Force users
An ideal companion for Consulars seeking to remember the little people of such a big galaxy

Second Best Companion for Jedi Consular: Qyzen Fess

A male Tradoshan hunter on a holy mission from his deity

The first companion for the Consular, Qyzen helps break the classic Jedi/Padawan pattern by accompanying you as a sign from his deity, the Scorekeeper

While no romance option is available, Qyzen’s loyalty is unshakeable throughout the storyline

As a lizard of honor, he is more concerned with the honor and integrity of the hunt, meaning there is some wiggle-room for more gray morals than with a strict light side character

Other companions: Tharan Cedrax, Zenith, Lt. Felix IressoFAQ in SWTOR:
How many companions can you have in SWTOR?

You can have up to five companions (+Ship Droid) for each of your characters.

How do you get companions in SWTOR?

Through questing. You meet your first one early in the game during the campaign.

What companions come back in SWTOR?

Jaesa, Doc, Khem, and Nadia came back to SWTOR.