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Switch version of the elder scrolls 5: Skyrim will be published in October 23rd

In this year's PAX conference, Bethesda Softworks brought the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim Switch demo version, last week,it also reported the latest version of the Switch demo video, TV is in the Switch mode. The demo video shows the operations in different terrains, including jungles, snow capped mountains, and burrows.

The elder scrolls 5: Skyrim, with its vast to incredible world, appeared on the Switch screen in amazement. Since the debut of the game in 2011, the elder scroll 5: Skyrim has been put on a portable device, which sounds funny, but the game's Switch is of great significance.

This new version has the function of amiibo, game player can use amiibo brush drop from the clouds chest, and the use of amiibo will be in the game to unlock a box, which is the unique lynk suit, and magic sword and shield of Hailar, you can use other compatible amiibo to obtain items. NS version of the game for free integration: Dawn guardian, fire and dragon three DLC, but also with the Switch somatosensory handle, joined the unique way of operation.

You can put the Elder Scrolls 5:skyrim analogy to "Zelda", should also not difficult to get the equipment. In addition, somatosensory control has also been added to this version, and the target section of the bow and arrow is doing very well. Melee body feeling is somewhat clumsy and unnecessary. It will be published in October 23rd.