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Stormblood--FFXIV 4.0 is announced on Fan Fest and New jobs are about to come

As was announced in the Fan Fest 2 days ago, Naoki Yoshida, game director of FFXIV, claimed the second majorexpansion--Version 4.0, Stormblood is releasing early summer 2017. Some details were known:

New zone: Rhalger’s Reach--the beginning location for the storyline

New job: Though no details, but Yoshida pointed to his shirt with The Scarlet Witch on it, so lets speculate it could be Red Mage or Dancer.  

Level cap: raised from 60 to 70.

New primals.

An “extreme” item inventory expansion

Other change will be on battle system and skill system.

Also no more support to PS3 along with the release of this expansion.


Now take a look at the STORMBLOOD Teaser Trailer