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Sponsoring Fnatic and SK Game: Raidcall Leads the Way

As the world's leading free voice chat software, Raidcall is to become an official sponsor of superstar gameteams SK Game and Fnatic in 2011. Raidcall will be used exclusively by both of these famous teams throughout their training and competition periods.

SK Game and Fnatic are both highly-rated professional game teams. Their Counter-Strike teams have won many international game competitions and are regarded as some of the finest professional gamers in the world. We here at Raidcall are excited to be given the opportunity to work with these two game giants and to help them improve their performance by using Raidcall product.

Raidcall is designed for the professional game teams, especially for games that require a high level of teamwork and cooperation. To use Raidcall all you have to do is download the free client installer and install it on your computer. Our tech teams will set up a server for your team and then you're good to go! It's as easy as that, no fee no hassle. Raidcall has an intuitive user interface and, thanks to its Client-Server operating model, has low latency and excellent voice quality! Raidcall is set to become an indispensible tool for professional game teams across the world.

In recent years voice chat software has become a vital part of a gamer's toolkit as it allows squad mates to coordinate their actions with much greater effectiveness. Regardless of the genre of the game, you can always count on Raidcall to reach your teammates promptly. Raidcall never lags, retains great voice quality, and can be trusted for any game that requires precise coordination and teamwork.

Raidcall is looking forward to working with SK Game and Fnatic in 2011 and is positive that all parties will benefit greatly from the experience.