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Some suggestions for improving Final Fantasy XIV

I know there are millions of people playing Final Fantasy, but have you ever though whether we should suggest some good ideas to improve this game. Below are some of my suggestions to this game.

I do not mind the story quest it makes it great unlike a lot of others where you can skip the whole game and run to the end. What’s the point of playing a game if you can skip everything. The problem I have is the Dungeon exp is very lacking for the new content. The gear is by far a big disappointment. I think the gear you get from dungeon and raids should be so much better than that you get from quest since it is harder to get. I understand some people do not like running dungeons and raids that is why they should not get the same reward as people who put in the time to get through the dungeon.

Dungeon and raid are not easy to get through. the crafting classes are a joke honestly give some better gear make it worth leveling for more than glamour. They should add a enchantment to the crafting to add material slots to any of your gear. There is so much more wrong with FFXIV than the story. Its the overall game play I love the game and play it all the time. I just think they can do so much more and give more benefits to those who put the time in and work for the gear they get and not just make it or quest for it. When raid and dungeon gear can be beat for the same Item level from a quest is ridiculous. Since I have played Final Fantasy XIV for years, you can Buy Cheap FFXIV Gil from us1 

I am not saying make it super powerful just saying whats the point in a having green blue pink and purple when they all have the same bonuses. white should be standard and green should at least add +2 to all stats and pink +2 from the green and +2 more from the pink stats and for blue +2 from the blue and +2 on the purple. If you are going to color code something do not make it equal make it superior. I hate the Ilvl crap. an Item level does not make you a better player just a stupid player with high level gear. i understand it makes it easier for the game easier by having the right lvl gear on for that dungeon but it does not help when you are in a group with people with item levels of 140 in crafted and quest gear in a ilvl 90 run and still can not get it done when we did it with a item level of 90 when it was first released. Also whats the point of flying when you finally can fly you are done in the area or quest. How many people really go back and stay in an area they already completed I guess it will help when you level another character by why can you not enjoy it the first time through.

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