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Some Important Details of FIFA 16 Release

With the FIFA 16 is around the corner, I want to write a guide that specifically introduces some important details about FIFA game.

With the releasing of FIFA 16, there are midnight release events and some other key information updated to the game. Some new feature like smarter AI which can deliver more realism and Women’s National Teams and some other major upgrades to the gameplay to use the midfield as more than an obstacle to getting to the attack.

The new FIFA 16 is available to play on PS3 PS4 Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC, no option for FIFA 16 on Wii U this year. Game arrives on most consoles, and it is not expected that all the same features from PS4 or Xbox One version come to the ollder consoles in which there is no so much power to push the AI driven features which promise to change the gameplay.

We see the first Women’s National Teams and a woman shares the FIFA 16 cover.

With EA access, you can play FIFA 16 early on XBOX, which costs $5 a month or $30 per year for the membership including access to older EA games and the option to try new EA games early.

As E3 2015 EA confirmed, FIFA 16 is part of the EA access free trial, which will offer up the full game to players on the XBOX One for five-day free trial before the formal public releasing.

For some old players, EA give access to a five-hour limit free play trial, while this year players can enjoy a ten-hour free trial for all players. Moreover, this limit is expected to vary from one game to the next. Nevertheless it is not clear how long the trial will last. As you know, this EA Access is only available on the Xbox One you will be likely to get a free month of EA access.

Though, typically EA skips a demo for Madden 16, a tradition of delivering a FIFA 16 demo is expected to continue in 2015 with select teams and stadium with offering up a way to test some of the new FIFA 16 features. Around Sep 8th or 9th, two weeks before the public release, the odds will be expected a confirmation for a FIFA 16 demo release.

As one of the playable options, cover star’s team will be presented with the Women's National Teams.

There will be a deals which can cut  $5 to $22 off the standard version of FIFA 16. And you can save $10 on a FIFA 16 deal at Best Buy with a pre-order. And players who have a free My Best Buy membership get a $10 certificate with a FIFA 16 pre-order. With Gamers Club Unlocked, you can save $22 dollar and save $ 30 for two years if you are paid members of Gamers Club unlocked. Or you can buy EA Access on Xbox one to play FIFA 16, 10% discount will give to you for the digital version.

There will be less fanfare for FIFA 16 than that for Madden 16, so you can expect several midnight FIFA 16 release events.

Besides, GameStop is the go to location for midnight release. If you want to play this, you should previously order from GameStop and pay for them and join the line before before the 12:01 AM.

There will be a few new FIFA 16 gameplay videos which are worth watching. A video from E3 2015 will show off the new features with EA sports walking through in-game footage. That another video is worthy of watching focuses on creating authentic player likeness and includes some in game footage which illustrates how the players comparing from reality to the game.

These are some of the important details of FIFA 16. Hope these can be helpful for you! If you want to buy FIFA 16 coins, SSEGOLD promises the safest transaction and fast delivery!

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