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Seven FIFA 16 Beta Annoying Problems EA Have Fixed

FiFa 16 has officially landed, it is time to pick up a code for the closed beta version of the game. In the highlight of sparkling new features, EA will be quite active this year. However, it is the time for players to get up close and personal with their new virtual companion for the new year now. So what is the game like?

‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mantra has been adopted by EA and for the large part, in-game menus remain unchanged but for a light shiny skin over the top. The same goes for team lineup screen, anyone one who is once picked up a games controller has no problems navigating the game.

But when your team marches out onto the field, that is when the changes come thick and fast. There are plenty of great little tweaks which have culminated in a solid end product but one thing is obvious: EA has made suggestions from the ideas of fans of the game and set about fixing the issues which will only be raised when the game has been played obsessively across the year.

Here are 7 of the changes made by EA to stop us all from tearing our hair out every time we pick up the controller.

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