Regarding Price Changes for FFXIV 4.06 Brazilian & Russian Steam Users

08/08/2017 下午
Alongside the launch of Patch 4.06, FFXIV increased the subscription price of FINAL FANTASY XIV for Brazilian and Russian Steam platform users. FFXIV would like to apologize that this price adjustment was not communicated beforehand which led to confusion and frustration within the community. We understand that additional communication past the acknowledgement of the price change furthered confusion within the community. However, FFXIV wanted to be able to present a solution for your concerns, not just reiterate that FFXIV were aware of the concerns. 

The reason for this increase was to ensure that no matter where someone plays from, what currency they use, or which platform they play on, the price would remain roughly the same for everyone. Before this change, the price for Brazilian and Russian Steam platform users was lower than what other users, even those in Brazil and Russia, were paying when not using the Steam platform. After the change, everyone was paying roughly the same price. 

FFXIV will temporarily revert the recent price adjustments in the upcoming Mog Station maintenance planned for August 16, 2017. These reduced prices will be in place for approximately 60 days. After that, prices will return to the levels they are at today. 

This extension of the reduced prices and when they are ending will allow Brazilian and Russian Steam platform users to prepare for the price change. FFXIV will also be adding 30 days of game time to the accounts of Brazilian and Russian Steam platform users to further assist users who were impacted by the subscription price changes. 

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