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Promotion again! Buy one get one free for both FFXIV gil and Aion kinah US

Dear all,

We’ve just had a big promotion for FFXIV gil and Aion kinah at the end of July, but for some reasons, many of you still haven’t enjoyed this event. So as you required, we are now having it again,bigger and longer—the double gold is not only for FFXIV players, but Aion US players as well.

View details of FFXIV gil buy one get one free

View details of Aion kinah (US) buy one get one free 

Warm notice:

Every one has only one chance to get double gold. If you have joined our “Buy one get one free” event last time, then you are not able to be in again. But don’t worry, we still have privileges for you. During event time, you are able to get an extra 10% free gil for the second order. 

Spread the words and don’t miss a thing.

Enjoy this event.

Thank you all for your support.