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Phantasy Star Online 2 Guide: For Beginners!

Hey guys, if you’re brand new to PSO2, welcome! Here's the beginner's guide for you! PSO2 guide

Phantasy Star Online 2 is a fantastic free online action role-playing game with a lot to offer. Gameplay features a diverse selection of weapon types and playstyles for the player to choose from. Compared to other traditional MMORPGs, it is is quite unique, so get ready for the ride! 

Choosing Ship

Ships are the server in PSO2. It costs real money to transfer between Ships. The overwhelming majority of the time, you'll perform content with people on the same Ship. After choosing a ship, you will be able to create a character. You've got a lot of options here, the main thing you should be aware of is that race and gender cannot be changed after creation, but you can re-customize your character at the salon.

Gearing Up

Phantasy Star Online 2's classes each equip different weapons. For most players, you'll be fine with going for what looks cool. Gunblade can be used by everyone, and the only other weapons multiple classes can use are Talises and Assault Rifles. As for armor, prioritize Augments that also boost relevant offensive stats and HP, especially if playing a Newman or Deuman. Units can also add elemental resistances. 

Doing Combat

The basic of PSO2 combat is locking on to enemies with the lock on key, then comboing enemies with standard attacks, photon arts and techs. If you time your attack so that your next attack lines up with the red circle that appears around your character, you will be able to make the next attack hit harder. You also have the option to dodge and block depending on your weapon and class.

When doing quests, Emergency Trials frequently spawn. These mini-quests involve a variety of goals, such as defeating specific enemies or collecting things. Duels can spawn a boss or miniboss in the field. If a boss spawns, try to kill it. Depending on your gear, class, and skill level, this may require multiple players. The loot is instanced and specific to each player, so feel free to take whatever's not nailed down. If automatically picking up Meseta is disabled in the options, turn it on as well. Each class has a pool of common drops, so you may need to vary up your classes or search the market if you want to get all of the Photon Arts/Techniques.

About Rapid-fire

Phantasy Star Online 2 guide
Collect your earned titles on a regular basis. Lots of activities earn you titles which can be displayed above your character, but titles aren't just cosmetic. Each one will typically come with a reward, so be sure to check the title counter (found in the Arks Lobby) every few levels so you don't miss out.

Do your Daily Orders each day. You'll unlock this special kind of daily quest early on that gives you some secondary objectives to knock out while on other missions. These are worth doing, though, because each one will give you a stacking 5 percent increase to things like experience gains and rare item drops. This bonus degrades over time, but if you do Daily Orders consistently you can reach a maximum of 50 percent, which is a huge bonus you don't want to ignore.

Try Practice Quests in order to test different classes. Quest Counter Clerk Rebecca offers Practice Quests that let you test drive some of the more complicated classes like Summoners.

Don't forget to equip healing items in your sub-palette. Before heading on an expedition, makes you've got plenty of Monmates and Moon Atomizers. You can place additional Photon Arts and Techniques in your sub-palette in case your weapon palette becomes full. Not bad if you're a magic class with a ton of abilities to choose from. 

Weapon Grinding

Grinding on PSO2 allows you to increase your weapon's power beyond the default values they come with. This means it will deal even more damage to enemies than a stock weapon would.

Meseta is the main currency in Phantasy Star. Meseta drops like candy everywhere but can also be earned by selling items. Weapons drop from all over the game, they come as rewards and can be bought from vendors and player shops. Grinders and Lambda Grinders can be bought from the Excube shop for excubes, but they're also rewards you'll get from a variety of sources. weapons, units and eggs can be traded at the Recycle shop for Photon Spheres and Excubes.

First, you should choose the weapon we wish to grind. Then you select other weapons to sacrifice to increase the target weapon's level. Finally, you can get an option to utilize consumables to further increase the success and other attributes of the grind.

But just remember, you're not going to have a lot of Mesetain the beginning, so it's recommended you start out by sacrificing 10 star or dio weapons as these require less Meseta when used. So, it really comes down to cost of grinders vs Meseta investment.

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