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Pandaren Mount Revealed: Dragon Turtle

    What would a hero be without a mighty steed? How else does a champion ride boldly into the thick of battle? What self-respecting hero walks to the battlefield, instead of riding in style?

    We’ve met the pandaren and learned of their rich and enigmatic history, and now , it is the time to reveal their mount of choice, the Dragon Turtle.

    The pandaren have long sought mounts that embody their values: patience and strength. With a naturally armored hide, and even gait (no matter how heavy the passenger), and the relaxed attitude that welcomes long journeys, the Dragon Turtle is perfect for the pandaren adventurer. Indigenous to mainland Pandaria, these fine steeds are easily outfitted with the essentials: maps, cushions, footstools, and brew-storage. Comfortable and hardy, the dragon turtle’s slow, even stride will gently ease passengers into new parts of the world and/or a relaxing nap time.

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