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No Touch Dribbling in FIFA 16

FIFA 15 is quite hot among all around the world. According to the latest news from FIFA official site, FIFA 16 will be released soon. Now, this article is to introduce a new feature in FIFA 16, which is advanced than FIFA 15.

No Touch Dribbling is a new dribble control system applied to FIFA 16. It gives players freedom to determine how and when to touch the ball. Players can perform different skills moves, feints or change direction without needing to touch the ball by separating and creating space.

To initiate No Touch Dribbling in FIFA 16, you just need to press and hold the L1 or LB button on your controller. Once being pressed, the player with possession of the ball will momentarily step away from it to create a bit of space. From there, flick the left analog in different angles, if you are in possession of the ball, you can either twist your ankle in the hopes of tricking the defender or shift your body in that particular direction into going a way while the other player with the ball goes the other.

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As long as your additionally press and hold the R2 or RT button. In such cases, if you carry the ball, you can take larger strides away from it. If pulled off correctly, they can completely embarrass a defender, though there is risk attempting these.

Then, you may ask which players can perform No Touch Dribbling. I want to tell you every player on the pitch and skill move star rating in FIFA 16, to some extent, it will be effective, which means if you like Juan Cuadrado or Messi, you can pull off moves while others may not. Make sure to spend a little time in the practice area for the first time playing FIFA 16 to get familiar with No Touch Dribbling.

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