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New Stormblood information: RDM confirmed INT caster

Yoshida was interviewed by Famitsu and Dengeki and new information was given. Here is a summary:

Dengeki interview summary: 

– Changes to Parry, Accuracy, Blocking, PIE, etc., coming in 4.0. Details will be announced at a later time

– They plan on making updates to the company crafting feature. It might include submarines, since the new feature will be underwater exploration.

– New mounts for tanks will be implemented

– No Grand Company in Kugane, but there will be a different kind of an “organization” there

– Teleports from one continent to the other will be costly, but most likely won’t exceed 999gil

– LB’s for the two new jobs will be most likely shown in the new benchmark. Samurai will most likely have Midare Setsugetsuka for its LB.

– Gilgamesh might appear in the 4.x series.

Famitsu interview summary:

– The reason why Ala Mhigo and Doma fell was not only because of the difference in power. This aspect will be touched upon in the main story.

– Othard is not only based on Japanese culture, but rather the Orient and Asia in general

– They are making small cities like Idyllshire and Revenant’s Toll for players to gather at, but there will be something different about them this time

– There will be some kind of focus on The Island of Val in the main story.

– Oriental glamour gear planned for 4.0. Some Instance Dungeon and Raid gear might have an oriental design as well.

– Shirogane will have apartments

– The moving system will not apply for apartments

– The new tomestones and the raids will be released a few weeks after the release of the expansion

– Red Mage will share gear with casters and it’s main stat will be INT

– Samurai’s “sen” system is a completely new rotation system. It’s more similar to Monk’s stances, completely different from Ninja’s mudras.

Article originally from Gamerescape.