New Key Characters in FFXIV Heavensward

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FFXIV Heavensward is on sale Jun 23,2015. If you are curies of the story happening in the Heavensward and want to go through more Fantasy World in FFXIV, Heavensward must bring you a lot of surprise and fantastic story plot.

If you are new players of Heavensward or beginners of Final Fantasy XIV, you can read FFXIV Heavensward Guide and FFXIV beginners FAQ guide Part 1 .

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn have been scattered and the Warrior of Lighter has been enforced to flee North because schemes in the shadows of Ul'dah.

Although heroes are granted shelter by Lord Haurchefant, they have to press on to Ishgard. What are waiting for the reclusive nation? They all have to never fighting Ishgard.

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No matte what might come by, they must not falter, in order to keep the light of hope never extinguished.

*Key Characters

Ysayle - Better known as Iceheart, he is standing as leader of the heretics those who promises their allegiance to the dragons.Condemned the teachings of the Holy See, she said it would end Dragonsong war.


Ishgard and Lord Commander of the Temple Knights - Although they are not born with noble, his rankings raised and got his current high station by virtue of this a number of accomplishments. He have to risk his life and limb to protect his people as the war against dragonkind rages.

Lord Commander of the Temple Knight

Lord of House Fortemps - He is one of the most noble families of Ishgrad. Foreighers are quite welcomed by Count Edmont, which is not like his insular peers. And Count Edmont devotes himself to aiding those with intentions.

Lord of House Fortemps

Azure Dragoon - He is the strongest hero of Ishgard. An ancient relic plucked from the great wyrm Nidhogg named Bearer of the Eye wields the power of dragons. Long absence from his post, he returned to the Ishgard to drive back to the ancient enemy of his people.

Azure Dragoon

As the spiritual leader of the reclusive nation of Ishgard, he is an unquestionable object of veneration. He also holds the highest seat of political authority in the Holy See.

reclusive nation of Ishgard

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