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MU Legend: OBT moved to November 2017

Webzen has announced that the open beta phase of development for MU Legend is being pushed back to November 2017, which was announced to be in September earlier. The change is necessary to ensure that the team can make the game "the best it can be" instead of rushing development and "risking watering down the overall game experience that MU Legend will offer", wrote Producer Pierre Vandenbroucke.

The letter assures players that the developers are committed to the new release window and that every effort will be made to ensure that it goes off as planned.

Full letter:

Dear MU Legend fans,
Please allow me to introduce myself: I am Pierre Vandenbroucke, Producer of the global version of MU Legend at Webzen Dublin and the voice of the numerous great people working on the development and publishing of our newest title in the MU franchise.
In today's letter, I am sharing a recent decision made between all stakeholders involved in our game project to delay the OBT release for three months.
We now need the OBT to happen in November instead of September, as originally planned.
"By Kundun! Three more months… why?" With the MU Legend global version, we are in the fortunate situation that our Korean version of the game is already live. This means we have had enough time to take into account essential feedback from players of the Korean version. Thus, our careful analysis brought us to the logical conclusion that we would need to re-arrange a few features and balances, and adjust our release roadmap.
These changes regarding the initial plan came with additional localization tasks for the game, naturally involving all of our 6 language versions, which are essential in providing our worldwide fans with a high-quality game experience.
"Well… Why not open the gates of the CBT2 version and patch the content gradually?"
We could, but… along with the extra content, these required changes (derived from the feedback of the Korean users and the developers themselves) also impact mechanics balancing, and we do not want to simply postpone the fixing of current known issues that we are able to fix for the OBT version of the game. And as stipulated above, the changes involve deep localization work, an aspect of the game for which we have always set a high standard. Indeed, we received a lot of praise regarding the high quality of our localization during the CBT phases. This naturally made us very happy and confirmed to us that the path we had chosen, to give the utmost attention to all qualitative aspects of the game, was the right one. Localization takes time. Great localization takes even longer: Our translation team is not simply made up of "general translators", but experts in the code and language of the game industry.
"'November' kind of sounds like 'In September', or worse… 'Soon'."
We truly love our game, and our whole team has put so much effort into making the world of MU Legend the best it can be. With this in mind, we prefer to continue our commitment to quality instead of rushing the remaining development work, which would risk watering down the overall game experience that MU Legend will offer.
We are committed to this "November" announcement, and we will make all the necessary efforts to bring the OBT to players at that time.
Lastly... we need your support.
We have been expecting this new MU release for more than 15 years, and all we are asking from you now is your continued support for three more months. We need it for this very last bit of development and translation, as we want to deliver a vibrant and memorable in-game experience.
Then, to quote Kundun, MU Legend's OBT release in November will be "even stronger now"!
Kind regards, Pierre.
What's your thoughts if you have been waiting for its OBT?