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Methods of killing chicken in the Elder Scrolls 5

First of all, game players have to figure out what is actually ‘chicken God’, it is the ordinary villagers chicken, chickens in the village itself is ordinary. When you entered the game, you would see a chicken on the ground running around the river. Infact , 60% of the players were armed with weapons and had chopped the chicken.After that, the town guards and townspeople will quickly rushed toward you to kill you. Why? Because the chicken contains a day the villagers emotion to ancestors, he is profane skyrim all racial beliefs. So the chicken in the skyrim is so hard to deal with, so how do you kill it?


In fact, to kill chicken is relatively simple.


1, if you are fitter --- at night, you must pay attention to remember stealth, then you catch an elf arrow, then to shoot chicken. Remember to collect all the chicken breast after that.

2, if you are aphantom assassin / MAGE - when all the people of the town came up from you,okay, please use the skill calm, remember the grade should be enough, otherwiseinvalid.

3, if you are athief the Union -- you are see when theslaughter of chickens, and I do not take the weapons, guards will come over andsay you are under arrest. Eloquence enough, direct bribe, or you can choosejail, then escape from prison.


In fact, the chicken God is the destroyer of dreams, but in fact, it is more like aneducation, so that everyone knows, kill the chicken God can live. If you want to know more, click: https://www.ssegold.com/eso-items.