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Manage your inventory, with or without ESO Plus?

What to purchase ESO plus but don't know if it is worth the money? Well, keep reading this, I'm sure you will find the answer eventually. 

ESO Plus is a premium membership service in ESO game. According to the official announcement, if you sign up and then you can receive in-game benefits that let you get the most out of your journeys in Tamriel. So, is that true?

ESO Plus

It's worth the money if you see this game as an investment. In other words, if you are going to work to get as much out of the game as you can, ESO Plus is a must have. The benefits it offers will make playing the game more enjoyable. 

In addition to a few perks, the two major draws are the craft bag, which holds all your materials outside of your personal inventory/bank space and is unlimited, and the open access to all DLC, which now includes Morrowind and Summerset.

But if you want to be a player that play without ESO Plus, that's acceptable. For 800cp playtime, there is a one quality of life change needed for crafting: the ability to set where the mats should be taken from. The current situation is that after your eso+free trial expire, when u craft it always take the material from craft bag instead of bank or inventry with cause a bad loop which fill your space to fill quick bec u r not spending mats from your space but your craft bag. This quality of life change will make players life without eso+ much easier. 

Or you can play a main character, Pick another to be a crafter, the rest of your available characters are mules. Use a mod like "bankmanagerrevisited" or something like that. Login everyday to each character to level up carry space at a stable. Do all daily writs on all characters. Once you select which materials go to which characters you can keep all crafting items you deconstruct or find.

There are also times where eso offers free play to new players. Create a guild, create 9 players. Have them all join that guild. You now have a guild bank with 500 spaces. Takes about 20 min. Need 1000 spaces, repeat process.

If you want to get to know ESO Plus more, or you want to buy some ESO GOLD, please contact us.