Mabinogi: Heroes XE Unveiled: Splendid Unrestrained Movements

08/09/2010 上午

Lately, Korea-based Nexon held a press conference to unveil Mabinogi: Heroes XE (eXtreme Edition), a separate spin-off version from Mabinogi: Heroes, which will go live on July 22nd. Based on existing high-quality movements in Mabinogi: Heroes, Mabinogi: Heroes XE will present splendid and unrestrained movements more in line with the public's taste. Moreover, it will start off from a new server instead of being an update for the original Mabinogi: Heroes. Players can choose the normal server or XE server according to their interests. Currently, characters in the two different servers cannot be shared, but character transfer service will be provided in the future.

Compared with Mabinogi: Heroes, Mabinogi: Heroes XE has the following major differences:

  • A jumping system will be added. With the help of it, players can easily jump over small monsters and traps.
  • Player will be able to strike monsters to the sky. In the game, players can take specific actions to hit the enemy up into the sky and launch combo attacks.
  • A combo system will be added. If players succeed in attacking the enemy continuously without being interrupted, they will gain combo points. When their combo points meet a high requirement, they can use a designated skill to deal extra damage.

In the game, players can jump over small monsters and traps, lift up small and medium monsters and launch combo attacks, use the XE Skill to unleash AOE attacks to surrounding monsters at the cost of their own HP. Additionally, the game differs Mabinogi: Heroes in faster movement speed and higher damage of common attacks.

What's more, Chapter 6, a new map Rochester and faction options will also be updated soon.

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