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League of Legends Season 1 Interview

08/05/2010 下午

Season One for League of Legends is quickly approaches. The "expansion" brings in-game tournaments, draft mode, ranked ELO games, and more. Hermann Peterscheck, a producer at Riot Games, recently took the time to do an interview with us. We're very excited about Season One in League of Legends, and we thank him for answering our questions!

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Profile Page

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): With the release of Season One, will players be able to swap their champions after the game had started, similar to how it was in DOTA? (For those unfamiliar with the concept, in DOTA, once the game started, players could switch to a random champion for a gold penalty.)

One of the biggest features we are including in the Season One content update is Draft Mode which will provide our competitive players a whole new way to pick Champions. We wanted to add a whole new layer of strategy for teams to work together to build the strongest possible counter to their opponents. We purposely did not include the post-draft Champion switching that some may remember from DotA because we felt it was counterintuitive to the whole draft process. If you were to drop your selected Champion for a Random, it could ruin the whole team dynamic and turn the game's balance in favor of your opponent.

But just because it might not be in this particular game mode doesn't mean that we are completely throwing the idea out the window. We know that many DotA fans liked that feature so it's possible that we'll be able to include it in some of the other game modes we are currently working on or planning on implementing in the future.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Log-in Page

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): In Draft Mode, will players on the same team be able to swap champions with each other? For instance, say teammate A picks Akali and teammate B picks Rammus. Could teammate A swap with teammate B so that A is playing as Rammus and B as Akali?

This is another feature that we are discussing but will not be including in the game at the start of Season One. For the time being, we want to encourage our players to learn as many different Champions as they can. We believe that the best players in Season One will be those that can play any Champion in the game very well.

Also, as I mentioned before, Draft Mode promotes teamwork and communication. During the draft players should be talking to their teammates about what Champions will be most viable, who they are good with and who can counter the other team's picks. We also give players 30 seconds to select and lock in their Champion, so there is plenty of time to make a good, strategic pick.

But again, just because it's not in the game for the start of Season One doesn't rule it out for future content updates. We are going to continue discussing internally, run tests and see if there's a future fit for this feature.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Ladders

Season One will have three different ladders for Ranked Games:

Twisted Treeline 3 Man: This is for arranged teams of three in the Twisted Treeline map.
Summoner's Rift 1s & 2s: This is for solo queue players or people that queue with one friend in the Summoner's Rift map.
Summoner's Rift 5 Man: This is for arranged teams of five in Summoner's Rift.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Draft Mode Summoner Spell 1

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): In the screenshots that you released, players saw that there is an achievement system tab. Could you elaborate on what types of achievements there will be and how they will affect the game?

Achievements is something that we are currently testing internally. It won't be ready at the start of Season One but we included the tab to show our players that they can expect to see that feature live really soon.

But to give you an idea of some of the achievements we are discussing, you'll notice in the same screenshot the three medals in the Stats Overview in the Ranked Games tab. We are toying with the idea of giving players bronze, silver or gold medals based on their ELO in the various ladders. As you can see in the example, you might get a bronze for reaching 1500, silver for 2000 or gold for 2500. But again, these are just some examples that we are still testing internally so you may see some different achievements (or many others) once that feature goes live later in Season One.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Draft Mode Pick 3

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): Do you currently have any tournaments or events planned to go with the release of Season One?

We have many tournaments planned for Season One. We can't announce specifics yet, but we are working with our partners on competitive events to go throughout the season as well as a big end of season event to crown the top LoL player. We will be making some announcements in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more details.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Draft Mode Lock In

Overall, Season One seems to cater to the competitive player, with in-game tournament support, teams, and ranked games. How does it cater to the casual player?

Season One is going to mark a shift for many players. Since launching, players have gone through pre-season practicing with their favorite Champions, building up their summoner levels and meeting new people to "recruit" for competitive teams. Once Season One starts, those competitive players are going to be moving into the Ranked Games and playing in Draft Mode so that they can put those skills to the test.

At the same time, Normal Games will remain one of the modes that players can select. We anticipate the more casual League of Legends players will gravitate to Normal Games because there won't be rankings and fewer stats will be kept. We also want players to use Normal Games to try out new Champions or to level up - as you may know, you must be level 20 or higher to participate in Ranked Games, and some of the newer players will need a few more games until they are ready.

In addition to these game modes, the overall changes we are making to the game client are designed to not only make it look more appealing but also easier to use, especially for new or casual players.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Draft Mode Ban 3

Michael Fuchs (MMOSite): Is there anything else you would like to tell your players/our readers?

We would like to thank them for all the enthusiasm they have shown around Season One. It's been great to see this level of excitement from fans and new players around the biggest update we've made to League of Legends. We just want to tell them it's much appreciated and we are just as pumped to compete as anyone else.

Full SizeLeague of Legends Season 1 Interview (By Michael Fuchs)
Season One Draft Mode Ban 1

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