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Kingdom Under Fire Online: Avalanche Announced

Kingdom Under Fire 2 is still under development and another game that based on Kingdom under Fire's setting has been announced. Korean developer Dragonfly (not the one that develops Kingdom under Fire 2) just revealed Kingdom Under Fire Online: Avalanche, the AOS (Aeon of stripe) style action online RPG that sets in the background of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom. Take a look to the CG trailer below.

Currently the developer hasn't announced details of the gameplay but some concept arts. Since it's an AOS game, you can treat it as a DOTA MMO, or RPG-DOTA game like LOCO. The interesting thing is that the game is on the MMOFPS portal FPSCamp together with games like Quake Wars online and Soldier of Fortune online. Although Avalanche isn't an FPS game, according to the official site's introduction, you can switch between the first person and the third person view.

Background story

Nibel The Lord of Light made a pact with Encablossa Lord of Darkness, the pact being that each lord will rule his age and the other will wait until the other finish his rule. But eons pass and Nibel grows weary of seeing his creatures becoming monsters and being tortured so when the Age of Light was about to end Nibel didn't give his rule to Encablossa.

Encablossa was angry so he gathered his Dark Legion and attacked the world, many ages pass but in Crusaders, Walter's soldiers destroyed the ancient heart and Encablossa appeared in the form of a great demon, but he is defeated By Kendal and Regnier's forces but the heroes then become trapped in Encablossa's Dimension as old heroes. Quoted from Wikipedia