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Hundreds of thousands of players need legacy defending fifa 18

In FIFA 18, There are players that uses legacey defending and it's only fair that you permit it online otherwise how else are we going to play the game. Not everyone can use Tactical defending so forcing it on players is unfair. A novist at tactical defending is always going to lose to someone who can use this feature well. 

Fifa is a game, a way to spend your free time relaxing. whats the point playing the game if you're going to lose almost every match. That's no fun at all. This is a game. No need to make it realistic as possible. Tactical defense is not an objectively positive thing, it is very subjective and does not like everyone, indeed. 

We pay to buy the game, we do it for years is our full right to request the reintroduction of our favorite way of playing, that is legacy defend. To say that tactics are better it means totally ignoring the needs of hundreds of thousands of customers and I do not think EA is a company that has to ignore its fans and customers.

Just create an option for those who want to use legacy defence to play against each other online. I agree FIFA needs to rectify this asap. fifa 18 coins will help you to defeat a powerful opponent in the fifa 18.