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How to solve FFXIV class and MP issue for beginners

Some players think it is hard to play a FFXIV class well. But I think that players don't know how to play a class doesn't mean it needs to be fixed. The only "inconsistency" of the AST job has to do with the buffs, but having the option of picking out exactly what card you want makes for a terribly boring job and would absolutely kill its gameplay. AST has 3 abilities that allow for further manipulation of the cards: Royal Road, Spread and Shuffle. True, sometimes the RNG is terrible and you might draw only one certain card 4 times in a row, but that's part of the job. But if you can't work around that with all those abilities and make it work, AST is not for you. Furthermore, the AST buffs are supposed to make things easier, not be an absolute necessity to pass certain phases or the like. If your party relies on an expanded Balance (5% more damage to everyone in range of the target) to successfully clear a DPS check, your DPS players need some serious help.

The only thing I can partly agree with is the MP issue. However, from what I've seen and heard on my server, most of the people who complain use Essential Dignity as an emergency heal (not its intended use with only 40 seconds cool down) and don't seem to know that Luminiferous Aether even exists until they have 20% MP left. AST's MP does most often not allow for DPS, which is why they have their buffs (or their lack of DPS capabilities is because of their buffs, same deal), and despite the lower potency of their heals, they are quite capable of solo healing during certain DPS checks without straining their MP too much, if done correctly. I've done it several times, especially when the other healer's been a WHM, and it's only awful when people other than the tank have decided to run in front of the boss or do other stupid stuff.

AST is not a beginner job, but just like with DRK, many people who never healed anything before started doing so when HW came out, which made for innumerable wipes in early runs of the expansion due to tanks not knowing how to tank and healers not managing to heal properly or keeping track of their MP. However, most ASTs and DRKs who've made it to the current end-game do their jobs just as good as the older classes, at least from what I've seen.

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