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How to sell ffxiv gil, eso gold and wow gold to us

As you know ,SSEGOLD.COM is a website in which you can buy gold,items,powerleveling service for all kinds of MMOPRG .But ,we also have "sell to us "option in the site .

Why we have this option? We sell gold on many games but the suppliers may get into short of stock sometimes ,however the customers' demands for such products are large, in this case ,we need more suppliers wherever you from to provide gold or items for us .

But how to sell us ?

It is easy to do such business with us .We have opened a website in doing with the sell business  , www.mmobuyer.com .Once you get into this site , you can see the game menu and price in all servers ,along with the stock we need in the game .You also have to register an account in the site .You will write down the way how you receive the payment from us .And there are three payment way  which are Paypal,Moneybookers and Webmoney .You have to fill in your correct Paypal/Moneybookers(skrill) Email/Webmoney(WMZ) Purse.The payment will be sent to you within one business days usually .

The orders will be showed in the site on the home page ,and you can book one order by clicking the "sell" button .But your order will be canceled if you do not complete in one hour.One more important thing is that you have to add our skype : buyer.mmo1 to contact our staff on skype about more details of the process !