How to safely buy fifa 18 coins at SSEGOLD.COM

As the most popular online FUT game, Ultimate Team is the mode every FIFA 18 player is gonna play. In FUT, to found a dream team, coins are very important and we believe most of our FIFA 18 players want to safely buy FIFA 18 coins.

How to get FUT squad?
1.Buy FIFA Points.
This is the method with high cost and luck. The rate packing a good player is also very low. Most probably you spend lots of money while you get no good players.

2.Buy FIFA 18 Coins at
You can decide how many coins you buy. Through the FUT Transfer Market, you can choose the player you want.The prices are all listed there and you can also use the coins as your invest foundation. 

However, buying FIFA 18 coins is against the game EULA and not allowed. Your coins might be wiped, your team deleted, and even your account banned. Then are there any better ways to buy FIFA 18 coins safer?

Most online FIFA 18 coins stores only do the resell work and no one really loves football or plays the game, while at, we have professional FIFA 18 players and know the game well. We will find the safest ways to do the transfer. If you have any query, you can contact us via Facebook.

How to safely buy FIFA 18 coins at
1.Do not sell Bronze/Silver players worth only 200 coins on the transfer market. 

When on the transfer market, the price for this player is all about 200 coins and you sell it at 10000 coins, you will be easily recognized by EA that you are buying fut 18 coins.

2. Don't set the max buy now price. You should sell the players at 80% or less of the max buy now price.

3. Choose the players according to FIFA 18 SBC.

We all know each Squad Building Challenge needs some cheap players, while these players might be the investment of many other FIFA 18 players. We can choose those cheap players needed in SBC to buy FIFA 18 coins. In this way, EA would think we are investing other than buying coins.

4. Choose the new cheap players to buy FIFA 18 coins.

For example, TOTW 4 players, Inform Card Quick sell=9900 coins, the market price is 10000. We could use him to buy 50K as it's a new card and we players have 100% reason to invest him. Do you think it's undsafe?

We wish you have a good purchasing experience when buying fifa 18 coins at (These guides above could only lower down the chance getting caught by EA. It's not 100% safe. Hope it works for you. If any FIFA 18 coins store tells you it's 100% safe to buy coins, they are cheating you.)

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