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How to play FFXIV on the PlayStation PS4

For those of you having trouble logging in to the PS4 this morning, there have been several fixes for this issue. This guide is to give some solutions for those players who have problem playing FFXIV on PS4.

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1. Change your DNS: Under settings, choose Network -> Set up Internet Connection. After picking Wifi or Lan, go to Custom and select Automatic (or Do Not Specify) for most options. For the DNS part, highlight Custom and then type in and

2. Change your internet: Here, you can either use a different Wifi in the area or use your smart phone (or pad) as a hotspot. After the patch is downloaded for FF14, switch back to your original internet.

3. The nuclear option: Delete the app data (located under Settings -> Storage) and redownload the FF14 game application. No, this will not delete your character. No, this does mean you will need to re-link FF14 to your PS4 again. No, this does not mean you will need to re-register through the Square site. And yes, it will take a couple to a few hours.

Some or none of these may work for folks. But, I've been looking into this since this morning and these are the answers I've found. The last one work for me if you're curious. Good luck, and peace!

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