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How to optimize graphics of Guild Wars 2

This is a guide to teach players for good graphics optimization for Guild Wars 2. In this guide, you can know how to render works, how to choose hardware and how to set your PC. Most of all, you can know how important each setting is. Last but not the least, you can learn a lot of settings that make your play game fluently rather than play at 30 FPS with clear and gorgeous graphics. You can learn how to use a tool to increase your GW2 FPS and help you set on your CPU.

There are a number of different sliders available for tuning Guild Wars 2's graphics options, but in this guide we focus on Best Performance, Best Appearance and Balance.

The Balanced preset benefits from Medium texture detail, shadows, sky reflections, terrain and Low post-processing effects. It looks markedly better than Best Performance, but understandably requires more graphics muscle to achieve adequate performance.
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