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How to Make Your First Set of Armor and Weapon in Blade and Soul

If you want to do effective hunting in blade and soul, you have to have a decent set of armors. This guide is to teach beginners how to make their first weapon and armor set.

For new players of Blade & Soul, if you get level 9, you can accept the quest and choose to craft one of the four different sets to complete this quest. The four sets are Bulldrom’s Set, Caeserber’s set, Velocidrome’s set and Yian Kut-Ku’s Set.

Then you need to decide which set to craft. Go to the NPC Blacksmith to see what materials are needed to make the set you have chosen. Just click the particular piece of armor to know.

In fact, Blacksmith can make a lot of armors as long as you take the necessary materials to him. Except the key materials can only be obtained through monster drops, other materials can be bought from players or Auction House. Also, some monsters drop random materials which can be used to make belt at some time or make helmet at some time.

What you need to do is to hunt some particular monster. You can go hunting in group and choose the hard mode. If you join a group, you have more chance to get better hunting score. When you get 100 score, you can get more rewards.

As I said before, you can make armor at Blacksmith. You can also make weapon at the Blacksmith’ with the right materials. Then you can craft a weapon, don’t forget to upgrade it! Talk to Blacksmith and he will tell you what materials will be needed.

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