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How To Make Fast GW2 Gold

Guild Wars 2 gets great popularity from all over the world. There are many gears and weapons in this game. When you need these equipment to level fast or kill monsters fast, you can buy GW2 gold from MMO game gold shop like SSEGOLD, or you can make gold by yourselves. Perhaps, many players may want to use some illegal methods to get Guild Wars 2 gold,which is not so safe and may lead to account got blocked. This way to make GW2 gold makes Guild Wars 2 hard to develop well in the long run as it destroy the fair competition of the game and destroy the benefits of other players and the developer. If you want to save money and enjoy the game, you can farm gold by yourselves. In this guide I want to introduce five ways to make players earn GW2 gold fast.


There are a total of 25 dungeon paths in Guild Wars 2, across 8 dungeons. As long as you go to completion, you can get daily gold from each dungeon patch. The daily gold from completing each dungeon patch per day varies form 1 gold 5 silver, to 3 gold 55 silver for Arah. All in all, by running dungeons, you are able to get almost 35 GW2 gold everyday. One thing I have to remind is that this way consumes time like a fair few hours. However, if you can join the right group, it is most likely you can complete more than five dungeon paths in a very short time. At 5 gold, except for the drops you get from items in the dungeon, it is easy for you easy to get 35 gold per week for very little effort. You can even make more gold if you use tokens to get some rare items that you salvage for Ectoplasm after that.

Convert Laurels

You can get over 55 Laurels every month just by logging in. Exchange these at the Laurel vendor for heavy crafting bags. Then you can sell the things you get out of them and it worth nearly 55 gold.


This way sounds like cheating, however GW2 supports this way. You are allowed to buy and exchange Gems in game, which is also considered to be the fastest way to make gold in Guild Wars 2. First of all, you should have disposable income to spend on this video game. One dollar can used to buy 80 Gems. Then you can used them for fast returning gold. The current exchange rate rate you can gain 88 GW2 gold daily. It seems that you spend little money and get a nice amount of in game gold. You can exchange for gold when a new item hits the Gem store as this way can lead to the price of Gems raising so that you get a great return if you are pursuing the gem exchange route.

Liquidate Everything

Also you can level up or play the game by right clicking the inventory and deposit everything you can. Then, they can stockpile this stuff and do very little with it. You can sell them every few months to get a huge stock of Guild Wars2 Gold.

The Silverwastes

When you reach level 80, you can get access to Silverwastes as you can go the the Living World story. How much money you can earn from Silverwastes is up to your ability to run events. The green and blue items you should sell and for any rare items, you can salvage for Ectoplasom except when the value of selling them is exceeding the trading post.