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How to make fast FFXIV Gils in FFXIV Heavensward

In FFXIV, Gathers and crafters are easily to make FFXIV Gils. Crafters buy easily gathered mats from gathers. Then Gathers become rich, while crafters become poor. When the crafters reach a certain level at which they can sell tools and gears back to Gathers, the rich Gathers buy these tools and gear from crafters. Then the crafters return to loss FFXIV Gils.

At this time, raiders come out. They buy gear from the market board, then crafters become rich. Then they farm items dropping from dungeons and monsters to sell on market board.

The above is the cash flow in Final Fantasy XIV. This guide is to teach players to make FFXIV Gils in FFXIV Heavensward.

In Heavensward, Ramie Thread requires Stalk of Ramie and Flax. At the beginning of Heavensward, many crafters level Weaver as they think if they can craft the highest crafting gear, they can make a huge amount of FFXIV Gils (and it worked out for some of them, while others got there too late).

Stalk of Ramie is a new Heavensward item, but Flax is a very very low level ARR item from Botanist. Yet, all the flax are cleared from the marketboard, and the price goes ridiculously high. I had 10 spare flax selling at my retainer for 99999 FFXIV Gil each, just because I am out of space for such misc item back in ARR. And it ended up somehow to be the last batch of flax on the marketboard. Someone decided that it's a rare item, and actually bought it. Then, I earned about 945,000 FFXIV Gils for 10 flax, which literally would have taken me 20 seconds of work to get. In this case, I think that impatient crafter was in severe deficit of FFXIV Gil. And whichever gatherers who first got more flax to place on the marketboard would have been a big FFXIV Gil winner, too.

If you're a raider, keep a good eye on the new patch notes about "new crafting mats purchased by tomes". Rush on your raids to get tomes first hand, buy the mats, and sell for high prices before everyone else. Be careful of your choices though, some mats will be high and some will be low. And so, once again communicating with a crafter with Master Recipes to know what they need is the best way to go.

This is my experience share about making FFXIV Gils in FFXIV Heavensward.