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How to Get to Level 80 Fast in GuildWars2

Leveling a newcharacter to level 80 can be a tedious grind if you focus too much on mapcompletion and dragging yourself solely through PvP for the Tomes of Knowledge.This guide makes use of multiple aspects of the game to make sure you areprogressing as efficiently as possible. Using this guide will not only allowyou to hit 80 swiftly but also make certain you are adequately equipped inexotic gear when you are there as well.


These levels willbe your slowest due to the lack of burst experience you get from completingdungeons and from the lack of ability to quickly and efficiently handle yourenemies. To get through this quickly you will find that map completion and yourpersonal story are the best ways to get large bursts of experience through PvE.

For this you willneed to get to Lion’s Arch so you can travel to the Black Citadel, Divinity’sReach and The Grove. As soon as you are finished with your introduction eventshit the World vs. World tab at the top of your screen and choose to go into theEdge of the Mists. Once there you simply need to head to the nearest Asura Gateand it will take you to Lion’s Arch. Once there simply head to the Gate Hub Plaza waypoint so you cantravel to the Black Citadel, Divinity’s Reach and The Grove.

Once you arrive atthese cities head immediately out the main entrances so you can begin workingon map completion of Queensdale, Plains of Ashford and Caledon Forest.Throughout your exploration of these zones make certain you are participatingin dynamic events and harvesting every possible node so you can get fastexperience. Finishing these zones will allow you fast travel back to theCaudecus’ Manor, Ascalonian Catacombs and Twilight Arbor while also getting youto about level 15.

From here you beginto do your personal story. You should just now be taking advantage of the largebursts of experience that completing your living story should grant you. Alsobeing that you are a higher level than the missions you shouldn’t have problemsovercoming the challenges. Your personal story will guide you to new maps, aswell, so continue to gather every possible node and participate in dynamicevents in between story missions. This will get you to about level 25 beforeyou catch up with your personal story.

Hereyou have a choice until level 35:

Go to Edge of theMists and run around with commander led zergs so you can complete eventsquickly for massive amounts of experience. This method can also be the mostfrustrating as you can be completely denied of experience if the enemy teamsare constantly harassing you. This method is the fastest only if your eventfarm is uninterrupted.

Participate in PvPso you can get Tomes of Knowledge. These tomes grant you a level instantly onuse and can be gotten pretty quickly in hot join or solo queue matches. This isrecommended for a player who is familiar with the mechanics and meta-game ofGuild Wars 2.

If you have asurplus of resources you can begin crafting and use that experience to progressthrough the ten levels needed. This can be done with any crafting professionfor quick progress. Simply continue to discover new recipes and progressthrough crafting levels for fast experience. If you are a new player it ishighly recommended you being with cooking and jewelry crafting for the mostuse.

Finally you cancontinue to do map completion of the areas that your personal story has sentyou through. Make certain you continue to gather resources and do dynamicevents to get the most out of map completion. This will be the slowest methodbut will give you a large amount of resources and money for your character.

Level35 is when you really get theopportunity to blaze through your levels swiftly by doing dungeons. If you haveexperienced people running those dungeons with you it will be even faster.Roughly you will get about one level per explorable dungeon path so it can bethe fastest way to level if done right. You will, of course, want to begin atAscalonian Catacombs in Plains of Ashford to start churning through theselevels.

Between dungeonruns you will also want to start gathering your traits. It is highlyrecommended that you get these traits by doing the task each trait requires youto do. This way you save money and get more experience to help you level. Get everytrait for each line to make certain your character is complete and you aregetting the most experience you can get.

At level 45 youcan start doing the explorable paths in Caudecus’s Manor to go along with yourexplorable paths to Ascalonian Catacombs. This will give you roughly sixexplorable paths to go through each day for the most experience and rewardpossible. This will quickly give you access to Twilight Arbor at level 55 whichgives you another two explorable paths each day.


Once you hit level60 you will need to begin to unlock your Master tier traits. Once again gothrough each tree and get every trait so you can get the most experience forthe effort. You don’t want to spend your gold on traits and it will give youmore exploration experience.

At this level youwill also want to start heading your way to Dredgehaunt Cliffs, south ofHoelbrak, and Fireheart Rise to the north of the Black Citadel. In these placesyou will find two more dungeons: Sorrow’s Embrace and Citadel of Flame.Complete the maps to these areas before continuing your dungeon rotations.

Once you get your65th level you can start working on the dungeon paths to Sorrow’s Embrace. Thiswill give you a total of eleven dungeon paths to choose from. You can start beingpicky about which dungeons you want to do here but remember that more dungeonpaths mean more levels.

It won’t be longyou hit your 75th level after you start working on Sorrow’s Embrace on top ofthe other dungeons. When you do you can start running in Citadel of Flame whichoffers some of the fastest dungeon paths in the game. With this, and your otherdungeons you have done to this point, you won’t have issue getting those lastfive levels to hit 80.


Up until level 45getting any food is a worthwhile investment and you can buy anything you needoff the trading post. You’re mostly looking for the bonus experience and youwon’t really be making much use out of +10% bonus experience until then. Atlevel 45 you will want to buy an abundance of Candy Corn Almond Brittle for thebonus +15% experience to help you squeeze out every drop of experience out ofkills. On top of this you will also want to keep some utility buff, like cheaptuning crystals, for another ten experience per kill.

On top of this youcan make use of Experience and Kill-Streak Boosters to give yourself a furtheredge. Use these in the levels 1 to 35 so you can get to the dungeons quickly.You can also make use of Crafting Boosters during this time if you are grindingout those last few levels with crafting.

Final Thoughts

With all dungeonsyou ran you should have a large amount of dungeon tokens at your disposal. Usethese tokens as the dungeon vendors in Lion’s Arch to purchase yourself a fullset of exotic gear for your freshly leveled 80.

You can take abreak from the dungeons by doing WvW, Crafting and PvP like we described forthe levels 1-35. Keep in mind the notes listed in that section for theseactivities.

Pursue as manyachievements as possible during this time. Each achievement, like doing yourdaily achievements, gives a substantial experience reward.  Doingachievements for the dungeons you run can cut down the amount of paths you haveto do.

We recommend thatevery ten levels you buy new gear off the trading post so you are constantlyable to meet the challenges of the zones you explore or the dungeons you do.

You can also continue to do your personal story to give yourself boosts of experience in between dungeons.