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How to get free horse in ESO?

In the elder scrolls, if you want to travel around, buy a mount, such as a horse, is a good choice. But, as we know, the horses in the elder scrolls are very expensive,basically sold more than 1000 ESO gold. In the fight against dragons, there ward of defeating the dragon was only more than 1000 ESO gold. If you want to buy some good equipment, you probably don't have much of your ESO gold left. So many players feel they can't afford a horse in the ESO.

But I know there'sa way in the elder scrolls to get free horses.

First of all, you need to find a stable in the elder scrolls. Because there must be a carriage near here. You have to say to the driver of the coach that you are going to"Riften", and that person will tell you the fare is 20 eso gold. It's really cheap. Because the distance between here and the destination is very far. When you get to your destination, you'll see a NPC, and this NPC is the uncle who can give you free horses.

You choose to talk to the uncle. He will take the initiative to ask you to fight, bet on who will win. If he loses, he will send two horses to you. If you lose, you have to reload the game. PK is not allowed to carry weapons, it can only be boxing. If you carry weapons, you will be forced to take them down. That uncle will be easily knocked down by you. Well, after winning the uncle, the two horses are given to you, and you can ride them at will.

This is the way to get free horse mounts in ESO, and I hope you enjoy it. If you feel the free horses is not that good, you can buy ESO gold on our website, and then you can use the ESO gold to buy the best mounts.