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How to get falcon mount in FFXIV?

Fly the Falcon Mount Campaign is a Campaign from Saturday the 1st of July 2017 to Saturday the 30th of September 2017. FFXIV are pleased to announce the limited-time Fly the Falcon Mount Campaign! Will be rewarded with the brand-new Falcon mount.
ffxiv falcon mount
Purchase and register a copy of FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood. Subscribe for at least 90 days of play time (excluding free play periods)

Description: A small prototype airship designed and built by Garlond Ironworks. Aiming to be the fastest single-person airship, this model was developed by one of the talented machinists within the company, Wedge. However, the airship crashed during a test of its limits. Since then, it has been fitted with a limiter for safety reasons.

Players will be able to ride mounts once they have reached level 20 and have obtained a chocobo.
The Falcon is a flying mount. Players must fulfill the conditions to fly in an area before being able to use it as a flying mount.
The Falcon can be used to swim and dive in areas where the required conditions have been met.
The Falcon will be distributed to all characters on the service account.

If you meet the requirements by the end of August, the item will be sent to you on or after Tuesday, the 5th September via the moogle delivery service.
If you meet the requirements by the end of September, the item will be sent to you on or after Thursday, the 5th October via the moogle delivery service.
The initial free play period included with new product registrations, the free login period from the Callback Campaign, and the free play period granted for moving to New/Preferred Worlds do not count toward the 90 day requirement.
The number of days of subscription time added to your account, excluding free play periods, is how eligibility will be determined. This does not mean that 90 days must have elapsed to be eligible. For example, you can still obtain the mount if you purchase a 90-day subscription period on the 30th of September 2017.
If you have remaining subscription time that was purchased before the campaign period, or you have an active recurring subscription, we will calculate any remaining game time available as of *Saturday the 1st of July towards the campaign.
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