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How to get Black Chocobos in FFXIV?

Black Chocobos were added in Patch 3 of FFXIV Heavensward. For every player, a flying chocobo is a single person “Airship”. With it ,you can run fast and level fast! If you are beginners in FFXIV, you must want to get a Black Chocobos. Black Chocobos are a special subspecies of Final Fantasy bird. They were the only kind of Chocobo with the ability to fly, which make it different from other chocobos. They are fairly hard to get. 

However, it is important to get a mount in the quest story. In Patch 3.0 FFXIV, the flying mount can fly over the entire map of the area.However, it can not be use in the current game maps.This guide is to show you how to get a Black Chocobo in FFXIV. You can buy cheapest FFXIV Gil from SSEGold to buy Chocobos for you in game!After you’ve helped Wiz with enough stuff, he will provide you quest - “ Savior of the Species ”. Then go to the Wiz Chocobo Post and speak to him to start the quest. You will be told that an orphaned chocobo egg were needed for rescuing. 

Black Chocobos FFXIV Gil 

Then, you will need to go towards to a spot in the far north next to Vesperpool. There is egg there. However, the guarder is a level 18 Sahagins which is a giant crocodiles. Though it is not too tough, their strength lies in numbers. Keep on your toes. Take the eggs and bring them back to Wiz once defeat them. Wiz will pretend to be their mother for the next a few days.


After then, Wiz will tell you that the egg has hatched once, therefor you need go to visit chicklet. As it is only a baby bird, you can not ride it. It can grow up gradually during the game after enough leveling. 

There may be other ways to get Black Chocobo. And FFXIV get new updates time to time, you can learn new ways to get them! Good luck to you!