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How to Fix Unable to Complete Version Check 30605 in FFXIV

I received this error on both my PS4 and PC versions of FFXIV. Could not even bring up the launcher. This seems to be a network issue and was solved by unplugging my modem/router, waiting about 30 seconds then plugging it back in to restore my network connection.

Fix 1: Restart Your Router or PC 
This is a pretty simple fix, and is generally the first one for just about any tech issue. But turning it off and back on again might just resolve the whole problem. At the very least, it can't hurt to give it a try.   

Fix 2: Verify Your Game Cache 
This fix is for the Steam version of the game. It does occasionally happen that files will become corrupted, but fortunately Steam has a way to fix that. Verifying your game cache will allow FFXIV to re-download any files that are missing or damaged. 

Find Final Fantasy XIV in your Steam library. 
Right-click and select 'Properties'. 
Navigate to the 'Local Files' tab. 
Select 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache' 
This solution isn't the most likely to work, but it's definitely one of the easiest to try. If it doesn't work the first time, you're better off just moving on to another fix. 

Fix 3: Edit Some Files 
This fix is pretty easy, and works fairly well for most people. But to do it, you'll need to find your Final Fantasy folder. 

Once you've found your Final Fantasy folder, you'll need to find a file named "ffxiv_boot.cfg".
Open the file with Notepad or a similar program. 
Find "Boot Version Check Mode". (There should be a zero next to it) 
Change the 0 to a 1. 
Save the file and restart your FFXIV launcher. 

Fix 4: Re-Download the Game 
As a move of last resort, you can always delete and re-download your game. This is obviously not an optimal solution, considering the game takes a while to download and patch. But if none of these fixes work, the game doesn't set itself straight, and you can't find a fix anywhere else on the internet...then this might be the only way to get it up and running. If you need to buy ff14 gil, I recommend you the best platform ssegold.com.