How to Farm millions of FFXIV Gil in Version 3.0 Heavensward

I write this guide for players that have pre-order FFXIV Heavensward to farm millions of FFXIV Gil fast and efficiently. SSEgold is not only a site to sell FFXIV Gil, we also update guides about farming FFXIV Gil, latest news from Final Fantasy XIV official site, character leveling, skills training, gathering items, getting good weapons and gear, etc.

Completing Quests

There is no doubt this is the easiest way to farm FFXIV Gil. In FFXIV, there are so many main story quests and secondary quests which have fair amount of FFXIV Gil and other items as rewards. As I wrote the guide Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward Preparation Guide, completing main scenario quests is necessary for getting access to the gates. There are more new main scenario quests in Heavensward. Besides, except for main scenario quests, the side story quests can reward you Allagan Pieces which can be exchanged for FFXIV Gil and some give directory Gils and useful items.


As I wrote the guide Crafting in FFXIV:ARR Guide, you can gathering millions of FFXIV Gil in this way. All specific skills and techniques applied are introduced in this guide, too. When you become a full-level crafting player, you will know crafting gear is quite cheap. However, in the coming Heavensward, there will be level 60 Crafting and new crafting gear. Besides, you can make furniture which is worthier than crafting gear. Obviously, there will be new furniture in Heavensward. It is excellent time to upgrade your crafting class as you can using cheap gathering materials with less FFXIV Gil consuming.


Gathering is a steady and safe way to gather FFXIV Gil. On one hand, you can farm FFXIV Gil in upgrading classes. On the other hand, items from gathering can be sold in fair price. HQ is an all-wanted items for many players and it can be sold for thousands of gils. As far as I know, all items on Market Board become cheaper and cheaper since the releasing of version 2.0, which means you need spend more time gathering items with same value than before.

Challenge Log

When you upgrade to level 15, you are able to challenge log to farm FFXIV Gil by completing quest Rising to the Challenge, which will reward you some monetary bonus as well as some challenges. Challengo Log resets every week and it is considered to be a perfect way to earn millions of FFXIV Gil.

It is closer and closer for the coming Jun 23rd. A new Eorzea will coming with the access to Heavensward. You can enjoy more new classes, jobs, dungeons and upgrading to level 60.

Hope you can have fun in Heavensward and this guide helpful for you. If you don’t want to earn FFXIV Gil by yourselves, you can buy cheap FFXIV Gil from ssegold which is professional and experienced online mmo game gold store with fast delivery and 24/7 online Skype customer service.

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